My Dad’s a Goldfish – remembering and celebrating


As the third anniversary of the Goldfish’s death arrives I wondered how to mark it on the blog. I could write about how much I miss him still and how often I think of him. I could write about how I wish things had been different for him; that he hadn’t had dementia, hadn’t  been abandoned by his wife at the worst possible time in his life.

But, I’m not. Instead, I’m going to share some photos from his grandson’s graduation. The Goldfish might not have understood what a Masters in Biomedical Sciences means (not sure I do!) but he would have been so proud.

He always showed great pride in any of my achievements. He attended everything from my graduation to my first book launch. He turned up at my poetry readings even read my poems, even though he was of the ‘proper poetry ought to rhyme school’ so I know he would be (perhaps is?) incredibly proud of his grandson’s achievement.


Photo from Jon Gibbs-Smith(27)

Masters graduates, 2017

Photo from Jon Gibbs-Smith(23)

Robert and David

Photo from Jon Gibbs-Smith(10)

Says it all, really!


Photo from Jon Gibbs-Smith(26)

Proud parents with scientist son!

Oh, the Goldfish would have so enjoyed the day (well, if it had been a bit warmer!) and been so very proud of his grandson.




47 thoughts on “My Dad’s a Goldfish – remembering and celebrating

  1. You Dad was there in the true sense of spirit, I suspect. A proud achievement, the continuation of his family, and his name remembered. What more can any of us ask?
    And you look so colourful too, Mary!
    Well done to your son, please pass on my congratulations.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Pete. He would have complained about the icy wind blowing through the quadrangles – he didn’t do cold well, didn’t Dad – but he’d have loved all the rest of it and a good lunch thrown in.
      That’s my winter coat of brightness to keep me cheerful whatever the weather!

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  2. What a wonderful, upbeat way to celebrate the life of a Super Dad ! Nothing would have stopped him from watching from a distance and roaring ‘Well done!’ to his very clever grandson.

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  3. I’m sure Dad would be looking down and be so proud, and if he’d been here he’d have wanted to be there.
    Lovely photos, memories to hold onto.
    Well done David .
    And where has the last years gone?

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    • I hope he somehow knows! It was a lovely day (despite the weather) and I found the ceremony quite emotional. I don’t know where the years have gone – it seems like it was only weeks, not years, since Dad went.


  4. just think of him peering out of the bowl and wagging his tail. My dad’s regret, at least one of them, when he knew he had a terminal cancer was knowing he’d not see his beloved grandchildren graduate. It’s always toughest on those left behind but looks like the three of you did him proud. Oh and love the splash of colour you brought to proceedings Mary!

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    • Oh, Geoff, that must have been hard for your dad. At least mine didn’t even realise he’d miss his grandson’s graduation. He’d have loved it.
      Glad you like the coat. The scarf was very damp because David borrowed it to run through the streets in the rain to Bute Hall – then gave it, wet, to a friend to put in her teeny little handbag.

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  5. How I enjoyed viewing these wonderful celebratory photos of a great intellectual/academic achievement. Yes, I feel as you do, Mary. Our parents are being remembered in all the best ways when their children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) “make” it through life in life-giving and life-blessing ways. Congrats to you and your son and your entire family.

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