My Dad’s a Goldfish – Thank you Facebook


You know how Facebook pops up to remind you of stories you posted in the past? I usually don’t bother with them but this week Wee-sis received a reminder of post from two years ago – the day she introduced the Goldfish to the delights of selfies.

In heselfier original post in August 2014, she wrote: “Dads/ Grandpas/Great Grandpas can get into selfies, too.”

Lots of people responded to Facebook’s reminder and it is so lovely to know he has not been forgotten:  most describe him as having been a lovely man; a gentleman. And he truly was a gentle man.

Wee-sis said this time: “It’s two years since I showed him what a selfie was. You can see by his little smile he thought it was a pretty silly new-fangled idea.

Thank you Facebook.


17 thoughts on “My Dad’s a Goldfish – Thank you Facebook

    • Yep, still there despite being in the later stages of dementia.
      Sometimes, those eyes went blank, like someone had pulled a curtain over them and he didn’t know where he was or who we were but somehow, right to the end, the essence of him was always there. The curtain would open again, humour, curiosity restored for a time.


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