My Dad’s a Goldfish – a wee bit of a miracle

cropped-goldfish-87-1254566814ncva1.jpgThe evening the Goldfish astonished us by standing up it really felt like he’d performed a miracle. In the weeks since he’d lost his mobility, he would sometimes push down on the arms of his chair as though trying to heave himself to his feet. Then, one evening he suddenly succeeded. He stood up, tottered and, just before he crashed to the ground, the DH caught him. He brought them both – unhurt – to the ground. The Goldfish found this hilarious.


Later, when his number one care person came in, he demonstrated his newly re-discovered ability to stand up. This time the DH had the walking frame in position and the Goldfish managed to walk from living room to kitchen. The DH  photographed the astounding event.


Sadly, the Goldfish never repeated this little miracle – but he, and we, gloried in his brief achievement.


19 thoughts on “My Dad’s a Goldfish – a wee bit of a miracle

  1. A fabulous islet of achievement and one to cherish. Thank goodness for these little massive moments that remind us that despite all the obstacles and difficulties, something else lurks, that occasionally shows itself, and provides another entry in the cherished moments section of life’s scrapbook. Good for your Dad Mary. I feel he just climbed Mount Everest!

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    • Thanks, Janette. It is definitely one for life’s scrapbook. I think dad felt as if he’d just climbed Everest, too! I love your expression ‘little massive moments’ – sums it up perfectly.

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  2. i wonder if he had been sitting there thinking of doing this for some time, or it was a flashback to an earlier time when he was telling himself “I know I can walk.” It must have been a very special moment for all of you.

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    • I think he had been trying to get to his feet for a while. Sometimes I’d see him push down on the arms of the chair. Maybe once he’d succeeded he didn’t feel the need to do it again – or maybe he forgot he could.


  3. I haven’t commented on your posts here before Mary, but have read them and found them incredibly touching. And I just wanted to say hello and to let you know how lovely it was to meet you on Saturday. Would have loved to have more time to talk.

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  4. That’s a wonderful achievement. I’m also so glad your dad found it hilarious rather than upsetting when he crashed to the ground again. These moments of happiness are essential at every stage of life.

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  5. Hi Mary,
    I just love these photos! I think with such a loving and ‘cheerleading’ family rooting for him, your Dad felt anything was possible and was able to show this in a most astonishing way!

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