My Dad’s a Goldfish – Home at last

cropped-goldfish-87-1254566814ncva1.jpgThree weeks after his seizure, the Goldfish was discharged from hospital. I had a busy day before he came home, tidying the house, shopping for food, buying a sofa so that when he is in his recliner chair we can be sitting close to him both for reasons of togetherness and hearing, paid his bills and cooked dinner. I also had to contact the various care agencies who provide care services to make sure the Goldfish was back on all their rotas.

The Goldfish was delighted to be home though he asked, almost at once where the step-monster had gone and when would she be back. It’s been a while since he asked about her and can only think coming back home jogged something in his memory. We did our usual muttering about how she’d gone to see her sister. How could we tell him she’d left him?

He has come home still with a catheter in place. While he was in the infirmary we had asked nurses repeatedly about this and why it had never been removed – not once – to see if he was able to pass urine without it. Finally tracked down the doctor who seemed genuinely surprised to hear the catheter had not been removed and wrote a note to this to be done. His instruction was ignored.

At the community hospital, I tried again and was initially told they’d give him a day or two to settle in first. Maybe I should have insisted they did it on the first day but I let it go. It was several days before they finally removed it and it was back in place before I went in to visit. They said he hadn’t passed urine. I tried pointing out that he could go for hours without having a pee, even when taking his water tablets, and I didn’t think they had left it out for long enough. The matter, as far as they were concerned, was now closed.

Now we had to be even more vigilant in making sure the Goldfish drank enough to prevent urinary tract infections and we had to learn how to deal with urine bags and night bags and all the rest of it. Oh, and how to get his elastic stockings on while keeping the catheter in place.


About to do battle with the elastic stockings

It was lovely to have him home and see his obvious enjoyment of being back in familiar surroundings. The Goldfish went to bed happily around 11pm – and slept all night. Joy! And was more than ready for his breakfast next morning with his number one care assistant.


Tucking into breakfast


14 thoughts on “My Dad’s a Goldfish – Home at last

  1. This is a heartwarming return…although the issue with the catheter would have been quite frustrating. While going through this process has to be difficult for you, your delight at being close to your Dad and to have him home shines in your writing.

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    • Yes, very swish. He always had breakfast in his dressing gown before his shower. If any of th eother carers arrived earlier than their appointed time they’d hover and try to chivvy him into finishing, which made him chew increasingly slowly. His mood would become surly. When his favourite one came early or before he’d finished she’d have a slice of toast and chat to him and he loved it and was so much more cheerful when she was around.


    • Thank you! I do like this photo of him. We took so few, usually because there was no time to think about taking photos. There were less elegant occasions when he tipped his juice into his dinner plate or removed his teeth when food was stuck under his plate.


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