An Award for Me and the Goldfish

I was going to blog about the Goldfish’s weight loss but when I opened my inbox today I discovered two bloggers had nominated me for a ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Considering I have only been blogging about the Goldfish for such a short time I am absolutely delighted. Many thanks to and for nominating me.

Of course the downside is I now have to give seven facts about myself and nominate another 15 blogs. Help! As I said I only started writing this blog a short time ago and am only just finding my way around the blogo-o-sphere i don’t yet know so many other blogs. As I find other blogs which focus on what it is like to care for someone with dementia I realise how great it is to be able to share our experiences.

The seven facts:
I am a writer: fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry
I love travel and spent ten years in Pakistan and Afghanstan
I am an avid reader
I enjoy cooking for family and friends
I have a very supportive husband – thank goodness, or I’d never cope with the Goldfish
I enjoy walking – though like writing, travel and cooking for friends, it’s difficult to find time for it
At school, many years ago, I was high jump champion for the county.

Blogs I enjoy/recommend:

Normal blog service will resume tomorrow with the next chapter on the Goldfish’s journey in dementia land. I’m taking an evening off to enjoy my award.

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